A Visual Studio extension for C/C++
live code introspection

Boost your debug workflow

D0 allows access to any class, function or variable within your code without having to add include directives or having to change member visibility. Your C/C++ code is never recompiled.


on average to recompile new changes.

Stop stepping, start running

D0 allows you to visualize currently executed code paths while the application is running.

Inline code anywhere

D0 features the AngelScript scripting language to allow for instant prototyping and scripting your code. Classes and variables are automatically exported from your C/C++ code to AngelScript, so you can use them in your scripts.

View and alter any object live

View and modify application state live without any changes to your C/C++ code. D0 supports viewing complex or simple objects, whether it's local or persistent variables.

View calling functions live

D0 allows you to track the call stack of a particular function live without setting any breakpoints. Simply place the cursor anywhere in the function to track new call stacks.

Fully integrated

D0 compiles snippets instantly and reports any errors directly in Visual Studio.

Print anything

API's such as log() and print() automatically infer native types and automatically pretty-print members inside your objects

Supported platforms

D0 is game engine agnostic — it works entirely by analyzing data from PDB files your compiler generates for debug builds.
Supported compilers include Visual Studio (MSVC) and clang. Works with debug builds on 32 and 64-bit architectures.