A Visual Studio extension for C/C++
to debug faster

Cut down on stepping through code

Save debugging time by seeing what is being executed immediately and how variables change in real time.
Place the cursor anywhere in the function to start tracking its variables and D0 will also show you all variable changes before a breakpoint was hit.

Print anything anywhere

Insert print statements in your code without recompiling and print any complex object.

View and alter any object live

Browse & alter objects at runtime by inserting a snippet with the view command.

View calling functions live

Track the call stack of a particular function live without setting any breakpoints. Simply place the cursor anywhere in the function to track new call stacks.

Supported platforms

D0 works entirely by analyzing data from PDB files your compiler generates for debug builds.
Supported compilers include Visual Studio (MSVC) and clang. Works with debug builds on 32 and 64-bit architectures.

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All features


    Active line visualization
    Inline variable changes
    Live callstack
    Live return values
    Live scripting

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